Social media plays a major role in your business search engine optimization efforts. Your social media presence directly influences media search engines. While indexing content, one of the major factors taken into consideration by search engines is social media. The strong and powerful effect of social media on SEO should not therefore be underestimated. Sharing >>> Read More

Content marketing is here to stay and is one of the best platforms for promoting businesses today. This type of marketing involves various SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Web Performance Optimization aspects such as structure of the website, keyword research, link building and meta-tags. All these aspects are specially geared towards enhancing website traffic and >>> Read More

Last week, MyBroadband ran an article about how some of the Telecoms companies’ websites looked back in the 90’s. It’s a very interesting article, and it really shows how far Web technology has come since then! (You can view the article here.) But that got us wondering; how well would these Telecoms giants’ current websites >>> Read More

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Are you relevant online? You know Google, but does Google know you? Is your website geared and optimized to really bring in more customers? Is your business brand portraying you and your product effectively? Hosting101 can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

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