Brute force attacks: what are they and how can I protect my website?

Brute force attacks are sadly a reality that website owners have to deal with.

Brute force attacks will be investigated in this blog by looking at:

  • What is a brute force attack?
  • Who is at risk?
  • What can I do to keep my website safe?

Brute force attacks sound like something that takes place in a conflict-ridden country, but this threat has unfortunately also manifested on the internet.

What is a brute force attack?

Brute force attacks are the phenomena of someone or something trying to guess the correct combination of your username and password for websites to hack the websites. It can be automated or a person trying different combinations to gain access to your website.

People do this to make money, tarnish your brand or business or even just for fun to prove they can achieve this to enhance their hacking reputation.

Who is at risk?

Web security is very important, but who is especially at risk? Evidently, no one can be sure that they are completely safe from these invasions. Organisations and individuals alike, must be vigilant. Many bloggers who use WordPress are at risk due to the default admin username. But even changing the username doesn’t always help.

What can I do to keep my website safe?

You first line of defence is long and complicated usernames and passwords that contains upper and lowercase letters, numbers and also punctuation symbols.

Secondly a system that automatically blocks a specific IP address after a certain number of failed attempts at logging in to your website.

You can also install WAF plugins such as Ninja Firewall, Sabre or Pareto Security, especially on WordPress, to combat brute force attacks.

Protecting your website from brute force attacks is essential and if you think you are vulnerable, take the necessary precautions to safeguard yourself. Hosting101 can assist in this regard. Contact us at for more information.

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