Grammar and Spelling: Is it still important in Business?

Business, Grammar and Spelling: is it still important in business to spell correctly and use proper grammar?

Business, Grammar and Spelling: In this blog we’ll discuss the importance of grammar and spelling in business correspondence and content.

  • Why is it important to check spelling and grammar?
  • How to refine writing without professional help
  • Spelling and Grammar Check programmes
  • Read and re-read your own work
  • Leave it and read again
  • Call in a friend or colleague to do the final proofreading


Business, Grammar and Spelling are the last things you are thinking about. Your business is up and running and you find yourself busy with all kinds of administrative tasks. You must write content for your website, send and answer emails and maintain social media marketing.

Why is it important to check spelling and grammar?

The problem is you can’t spell and your grammar usage is not on par, but in a digital world filled with abbreviations is not important anymore, right?

Wrong! If you must choose a business to do work for you and one has a sloppy website, with spelling and grammar errors in abundance, while the other business has an impeccable website, which one will you choose?

A professional company should have a professional website and social media presence and that includes edited and proofread content on all correspondence.

How to refine writing without professional help

Not everybody can afford a professional writer or proof reader on their staff, but there are ways to get around it:

  1. Spell and Grammar Check Programmes

It is always useful to use the spell check and grammar check programmes when you write, but unfortunately that isn’t enough. After you have written a document or letter, look at all the corrections as suggested by the programme, but a computer doesn’t detect the finer nuances of language. Maybe you have typed you instead of your. It makes a big difference when you read it, but a computer will not query the word because it is spelled correctly. There is still no substitute for human editing.

  1. Read and re-read your own work

You have to read your own written work very carefully to detect obvious errors. I prefer a printed copy with a red pen.

  1. Leave it and read again

Gaining a fresh perspective is always good, so move on to another task or have a cup of coffee. After a while go through the written piece again to see if you have missed any errors.


  1. Call a friend or colleague to proofread

Once you feel confident that you have spotted all your errors, it is time to call in a second pair of human eyes. Ask a colleague or even more than one person to read your writing to spot any mistakes you might have missed and to also see if everything makes sense.

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