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Grammar: Is it still important in Business?

Business, Grammar and Spelling: is it still important in business to spell correctly and use proper grammar? Business, Grammar and Spelling: In this blog we’ll discuss the importance of grammar and spelling in business correspondence and content. Why is it important to check spelling and grammar? How to refine writing without professional help Spelling and Grammar >>> Read More


Blog Writing is so fashionable, but how is a blog different from and article and is blog writing better than writing an article? In this blog we look at differences between blog writing and writing articles When you should write a blog When you should write an article Conclusion This accessible writing style is being used >>> Read More

Consistency in digital marketing

The most important part of any Digital Marketing campaign is consistency. Halting your digital marketing campaigns after only a month or two because you have had little or no results, is an alarming trend with companies starting out in this treacherous field. People are inconsistent for various reasons.  They might not have the time or resources >>> Read More

“How can I improve my Google listing myself?”  That is one of the questions we, and many other SEO companies, are often asked, and with good reason.  People often pay large sums of money for their websites, expecting to feature on Google soon afterwards.  But when the customers don’t come knocking at their door immediately >>> Read More

A blog (which is short for “weblog”) is one of the most important things you can have on your website from a content marketing and search engine optimization perspective, yet many people still don’t understand why it is necessary to have a blog or to post to it frequently. In this blog post we will >>> Read More

Secure a WordPress website

With the recent hacking of South African websites many of the web sites hosted on our servers were hit by malicious scripts.  These scripts are developed by hackers to automatically distribute themselves to websites built on a specific platform, such as Joomla or WordPress, exploiting vulnerabilities in the websites’ code.  But it is fairly easy >>> Read More

What is Digital Marketing

In this article we will discuss what Digital Marketing comprises of as well as examine the origins of Digital Marketing. Introduction to Digital Marketing Origin of Digital Marketing What is Digital Marketing? The past three decades have seen more technological changes than ever before and ultimately businesses had to adapt the way they operate and >>> Read More

The Hashtag

Liezé Groenewald #trumpenmexico #‎loveliestcouples  ‪#‎cutesywookiepookie  ‪#‎kissykissywissy ‪#‎huggyhugs ‪#b‎romancing ‪#‎foreverandalways  ‪#‎bffff ‪#‎togetherforever  ‪#‎happisestest  ‪#‎loveherandhim ‪#‎lovehimandher ‪#‎prettiestgirlintheworld ‪#‎funinthesun ‪#biggest‎smile Seeing these mysterious phrases pop up on social media (SM) initially had me thinking that somebody must have been drunk-texting or that something went awry and their hash key somehow got swapped with the space bar? It all >>> Read More

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