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Grammar: Is it still important in Business?

Business, Grammar and Spelling: is it still important in business to spell correctly and use proper grammar? Business, Grammar and Spelling: In this blog we’ll discuss the importance of grammar and spelling in business correspondence and content. Why is it important to check spelling and grammar? How to refine writing without professional help Spelling and Grammar >>> Read More

A professional well-written LinkedIn profile is an advantage to your career and business. In this blog we explore how you can build a professional LinkedIn profile: Keep it professional and honest Include a profile photo Don’t skip the Summary Include photos and other multimedia Give and ask recommendations and endorsements Network in groups Having a >>> Read More

Interpreting the terms, abbreviations and jargon on your Google AdWords report can be quite a daunting task for anyone who isn’t familiar with Google’s technologies.  That’s why this week’s blog post will be focusing on the different sections of the Hosting101 Google AdWords report that we send out to all our AdWords Management Service customers >>> Read More

Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

How does one choose a Digital Marketing Agency? Consult the experts to answer the following questions: Why do you need to appoint a digital marketing agency? What to keep in mind when shopping around for a digital marketing agency How to go about in finding a digital marketing agency Conclusion Your business has grown so >>> Read More

AdWords and Brand Strategy

Google AdWords is not only a lead generation tool; it can also help you to expand brand awareness and encourage interaction with your brand as a part of your overall brand strategy. Businesses often use Google AdWords’ Brand Awareness campaigns to build brand awareness and positive associations with a business, its products and services.  When >>> Read More

By Liezè Groenewald Although Pinterest doesn’t seem to come to mind when thinking of marketing tools for business, it represents a huge market and many businesses have experienced wonderful growth using Pinterest, but how is it done. In my previous blog Why should you use Pinterest for business I featured three examples of how Pinterest >>> Read More

By Liezè Groenewald In this blog we will explore using Pinterest for business by looking at Why businesses should use it Success Stories Conclusion By now most of us have pinned elaborate collections of fantasy parties and dreamy recipes on our virtual notice boards on Pinterest. However, using Pinterest for business has never crossed my >>> Read More

A blog (which is short for “weblog”) is one of the most important things you can have on your website from a content marketing and search engine optimization perspective, yet many people still don’t understand why it is necessary to have a blog or to post to it frequently. In this blog post we will >>> Read More

With the increasing popularity of digital marketing, customers often come to us with the question, “Which is better, Google AdWords or Facebook ads?” Though this is a very important question, it doesn’t have a very straight forward answer.  But we will attempt to answer it anyway. Facebook: The Good and the Bad The developers behind >>> Read More

By Lieze Groenewald This blog addresses the advantages of an Instagram for businesses Experts weigh in on advantages Why consumers find it appealing Conclusion Instagram for business? Is that really a thing? But why and how can it be beneficial to businesses? That was my first thought when I started toying with the idea of >>> Read More

LinkedIn for Business

Why is it important for your business to have a LinkedIn profile? In this blog we explore reasons such as: Cost, Reach, Approach, Visibility, Recruitment Do’s and Don’ts Success stories More than 65 million people are currently on LinkedIn, with someone creating a login every second, but apart from becoming part of another huge social >>> Read More

google plus for business

In June 2011, Google joined the thousands of people trying to develop “the next Facebook” when they launched Google+.  Due to the social media explosion at the time, many people had high expectations for a social media platform created and operated by the mighty Google. However, a few months into the experiment it became apparent >>> Read More

Why Use Facebook for Business

This blog will examine why your business should definitely use Facebook for marketing purposes: Some of the key points we will examine are: Reach Effectiveness through case studies Facebook for small businesses Is it worth going through the effort of creating a Facebook page and posting regular updates about your business? After all it is >>> Read More

Digital Marketing in South Africa

Written by Liezé Groenewald Highlights: This article explores the use of Digital Marketing by South African businesses by discussing: South Africans, Social Media and the Web Digital Marketing for Your business Case studies of South Africans businesses who has successful Digital Marketing campaigns South Africans, Social Media and the web In a 2015 report released >>> Read More

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