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  Exchange, one of Microsoft’s most efficient products, is a solution to manage email related problems which can result in losing business and clients. In this blog we are looking at: What is Microsoft Exchange? Backup Security Shared Applications Other Many of us have suffered the consequences of losing emails with valuable information forever. Email >>> Read More

Office vs Office 365

Office 365 is the latest buzz and trend in business, but what is wrong with good old trusty Office? In this blog we’ll study the differences between an Office 365 subscription and Office by looking at: Devices Applications and Updates Online Storage Payment methods Technical Support Cloud Solutions have become the path into the future >>> Read More

Email etiquette for business

Email Eiquette is an essential feature of conducting business via the internet, but is your email etiquette up to scratch? Email etiquette and how to keep your emails professional are the discussion points in this blog: Professional Email Address Clear subject Signature blocks Salutations Writing style and Punctuation Proofreading Privacy Verify that you are sending it >>> Read More

Email Marketing Services: why you shoud use them for campaigns

How do I conduct Email Marketing Campaigns or send newsletters without being accused of SPAM? In this blog we are looking at the best way to do email campaigns or send out newsletters by looking at SPAM The Wrong Way to Conduct an Email Campaign The Right Way to Conduct an Email Campaign Advantages of >>> Read More

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a very powerful tool that only the ignorant or the most ancient dinosaurs of the business world would ignore, to their detriment.  However, a badly implemented Digital Marketing strategy can be even worse than doing no digital marketing at all. From our years of experience about things that work (and things that >>> Read More

Interpreting the terms, abbreviations and jargon on your Google AdWords report can be quite a daunting task for anyone who isn’t familiar with Google’s technologies.  That’s why this week’s blog post will be focusing on the different sections of the Hosting101 Google AdWords report that we send out to all our AdWords Management Service customers >>> Read More

Google AdWords Lead Generation and Marketing

A Discussion to determine whether Google Adwords are designed for marketing or sales lead generation. Summary Introduction: Google Adwords Sales Lead Generation Marketing Channel Weighing up: Conclusion “Get your ad on Google today. Be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when >>> Read More

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