BlogBlog Writing is so fashionable, but how is a blog different from and article and is blog writing better than writing an article?

  • In this blog we look at differences between blog writing and writing articles
  • When you should write a blog
  • When you should write an article
  • Conclusion

This accessible writing style is being used by moms with something to share and big companies alike and everyone seems to be tapping into an audience.

Blogging, especially for SEO purposes, has become a necessary marketing tool and if you are thinking about venturing into the exciting world of blogs, you should know what is about and how it differs from other writing.

The Difference between Writing Blogs and Writing Articles

So how does a blog differ from an article and which genre is the best?

Graduating from an academic institution and having worked as a newspaper reporter, I was accustomed to backing up everything up with facts and never voicing an opinion in my writing, and then I encountered blogging, where moms wrote about their experiences and businesses promotes services and products, most of the time without a single source reference or quote.

Is it wrong and can you back your writing up with references or are you veering towards writing an article when you do that?

Blogging involve shorter opinion pieces that is usually written informally and self-published.

Articles involve more research and work and is usually longer with more fact and substance. There is usually also an editor involved to proofread, edit and prepare the written piece for publication.

When to blog and when to write an Article

Both genres have a place on your website, it just depends what you want to achieve and who you are writing for.

When you are writing for LinkedIn, which is a platform for professionals, an article will most probably be better that a blog. These articles are usually double length than a blog and written more formally.

If your target audience is fashionable teenagers, the brevity and informality of a blog will be much more attractive for them to read. Blogs are usually about 300 to 350 words long.

Also, the topic will dictate what will work for you. If you are writing a piece on changing legislation, it will make more sense to do a properly researched article, but if your target audience is stepmoms who want to read about other women in similar situations, an informal blog is the best way to go.

Recently writers have taken to writing researched blogs and articles with opinions and it also works, depending on what you are writing and who you are writing for. Remember the main reason your ware writing is to educate readers, establish a relationship and to get them. How you get them to do that, is what works for you.

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