Consistency in digital marketingThe most important part of any Digital Marketing campaign is consistency. Halting your digital marketing campaigns after only a month or two because you have had little or no results, is an alarming trend with companies starting out in this treacherous field.

People are inconsistent for various reasons.  They might not have the time or resources to effectively manage their digital marketing themselves, or it could simply be because they see limited results.

Being consistent in digital marketing is extremely important, for the following reasons:

  • Consistency boosts brand awareness
  • Few people buy the first time they see a product
  • Some digital marketing campaigns take time to optimize

Consistency in digital marketing boosts brand awareness

It is a fact that people tend to purchase from brands they know and trust.  It is also a well-known marketing fact that subliminal marketing works.

When you run a campaign you won’t necessarily start making sales immediately.  But if you are consistent in your efforts, especially if you utilize systems like remarketing and retargeting and affinity audiences, your brand will eventually become established in people’s eyes and sales will start to pick up.

All brands started somewhere and people didn’t recognize it.  In the mid 1990’s, Hyundai was a brand unheard of in South Africa.  Hyundai launched advertising campaigns, but more importantly, they started sponsoring events.  The Hyundai Family Day was a widely advertised fun event.  Most citizens of Johannesburg will remember the Hyundai Blimp that was often spotted in and around Sandton.  Suddenly Hyundai became the well-known and trusted brand that they are today, but it took years of consistent brand building.  The modern-day version of that is digital marketing.

Few people buy the first time they see a product

Experienced marketers know that repetition is very important.  Customers often need to see a product up to 7 times before they decide to buy a product.  Especially in the online sphere, where customers are spoiled for choice, people tend to do research for weeks or even months before purchasing.

Consistency in digital marketing keeps you front and centre in people’s minds while they go through the research process, and most of the time people don’t buy the cheapest product, but the one associated with the brand that they’ve grown to know and trust.

Some digital marketing campaigns take time to optimize

As you run a digital marketing campaign and analyse your results, you will find that there are things that work and things that don’t.  Maybe you find that you are reaching the wrong demographic, or targeting areas that don’t necessarily have many people in your target market.  You may find a different set of keywords that offer better results, or remove keywords that you thought would be good but that only reach employment seekers.

Detecting these problems, and developing strategies to overcome them, take time.  A rushed campaign is usually a wasted campaign.  Take the time to analyse, strategize and optimize.  But in the process, be consistent.


Running a consistent digital marketing campaign takes a lot of time and effort.  That’s why it’s important to have a dynamic, experienced digital marketing agency to partner with you and make things easier.  Feel free to contact Hosting101 to see how we can assist you with a consistent digital marketing strategy.