Social Media IconsSocial media plays a major role in your business search engine optimization efforts. Your social media presence directly influences media search engines. While indexing content, one of the major factors taken into consideration by search engines is social media. The strong and powerful effect of social media on SEO should not therefore be underestimated.

Sharing Links through Social Media

Social Media establishes authority

Leveraging Keywords through social media

Quality followers and social connections

Enhancing local search capabilities

Sharing links through social media – Link building has always been considered to be an effective way to attract search engines. Links achieved through relevant content is now shared by prudent webmasters across social networks such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. A link tweeted many times is assured of higher visibility as it is deemed popular as compared to links that are never tweeted. The best way to gain traffic from search engines and from audiences on channels is to share compelling content on social media.

Social media establishes authority – One of the best social media management tips is to establish a strong authority in your field by sharing valuable content on prominent social networks. Popular media search engines like Google+ come integrated with a host of features and social cues. For example webmasters can ensure that their bio and account is linked to search engine results through association of content with a Google+ profile. Doing this is one of the best ways to build a strong credibility and encouraging trust and recognition among your target audience. In addition to the meta-description, title tag and URL, the listing will also display the name along with an image and provide details about the number of followers for the author on Google+.

Leveraging the power of keywords across social media – Posting keyword rich content in your profile and content posted on social networks is a great way to get search engines to rank your website high. Social network management is all about filling out your profiles with informative content incorporating relevant keywords and the name of your business. Search engines especially take into account your bio, URL and name.

Quality followers and social connection works wonders on SEO – To enhance credibility, it is also important to add quality friends, followers and connections on social media as this will greatly impact how the content is ranked. This means, rather than just focusing on increasing the number of followers, it helps to add followers and connections from reputable sources rather than roping in spam followers. This is a vital social media management technique. Look for advocates and influences online who are really interested in what you have to offer and willingly share the content with their network.

Enhance local search capabilities – If your small, medium or large business has a local presence, it is imperative to enhance local search capabilities using the power of social network management. Today a lot of people use smart phones and search for businesses on the go. It pays to leverage the power of location based social media networks such as Urbanspoon, Foursquare and Yelp. Keep your local listings up to date and provide the right contact details such as company name, phone number, address and directions.

These are a few things you can do to ensure a highly positive social media effect on SEO. This will also ensure exponential business growth and profits.


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