A Hosting Company is an essential link to getting an online presence for your business. What is a hosting company and why do I need it?

In this Blog I shall discuss the following:

  • Why do I need a Hosting company
  • Different kinds of hosting
  • What should I expect from my hosting company
  • What services falls outside the duties of my hosting company?


You have started a company and designed an attractive website that is now sitting on your computer and it needs to be loaded on the worldwide web.

What is the next step?

Why do I need a hosting company?

The first step to getting your website published is location – procuring the ‘correct’ address. Your ‘address’ will be your domain name, which needs to be registered.

Just like your real shop or office, you now need to ‘rent’ virtual space to showcase your website and that is why you need a hosting company.

It acts as virtual ‘Real Estate’ or ‘Rental Agent’ and as such has certain duties and obligations to carry out.

Different kinds of hosting:

Just as in the case of procuring offices or a shop, where you have scope of properties to choose from when looking to rent or buy, there are different types of hosting to suit your needs.

Shared Hosting

The most common and cheapest option is shared hosting where many users share the same server, almost like a commune or huge apartment building.

VPS -Virtual Private Server

Still shared, but with limited users, each with equal space on the server, like Exclusive Luxury Apartments or Penthouse suites.

Dedicated Hosting

You have the server all to yourself, almost like a big corporate company that leases the entire building for its own exclusive use.

What should I expect from my Hosting Company?

Like a property lease agreement, the hosting company has certain obligations to its ‘tenants’.

Providing the agreed upon ‘space’ or in this case disc memory and data base is certainly important.

Hosting companies are also responsible for the upkeep and security of the server and to monitor its use by “tenants”.

The hosting company must provide secured access to the server, in Hosting101’s case, password protected access via the C-Panel.

Hosting101’s packages also provide for 5 email addresses or more depending on the package.

The hosting company should also have a Support service, should anything go wrong as far as hosting related matters are concerned such as SPAM, blacklisting, slow servers or emails taking too long to deliver due to spam filters on the server, to name a few issues.

The hosting company should also supply you with login details to your website and reset passwords for the website or email accounts.

What services falls outside the obligations of a hosting company?

Your hosting company isn’t responsible if your mail bounces back because you used an incorrect or non-existent email address or if your internet connection is slow or not working.

Just like a rental agreement for office space, you can’t expect your hosting company to do everything related to your website content and maintenance for you, unless a supplementary agreement is in place.

After signing a basic office rental agreement, the tenant receives access and use of the office, but can’t expect the realtor to provide a furniture removal company, furnish the office, provide flowers and stationery and computers as well as servicing the equipment, cleaning and maintaining the office as well as supplying you with coffee and tea.

A Hosting agreement is essentially the same. Hosting companies as a rule don’t maintain or make changes to your website, write and upload content, or look at SEO or make sure that your Outlook account is working as it should (unless the email problem is hosting related).

Many hosting companies generally do provide other services related to websites, maintenance, emails and social media strategy. Those services are billed separately and doesn’t form part of a hosting package. Hosting101 is one such company.

How should you know what do to expect from your hosting company? Do your homework and make sure you know what you are getting in return when you hand over your monthly or annual hosting fee.

Apart from very affordable hosting packages, Hosting101 also offers digital marketing services and website maintenance packages at an additional cost. Contact us at info@hosting101.co.za for more information.

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