Domain Registrations – Register your address on the web.  Avoid disappointment and reserve your favourite domain name now! You can always ask us to build your website later when you are ready.

Linux website and e-mail hosting – This is your virtual stand on the internet, the place your address (domain) points to (Includes cPanel for easy management). Each hosting package is limited to one domain name.

Web Design – We can professionally design effective, user-friendly and search engine optimized websites.  Get an 8-Page WordPress website from R4,500.

In this modern day and age, your business doesn’t exist if it isn’t online. We can help you to get your site online and in direct view of visitors. It all starts with registering your domain name. That is your virtual address on the web. After domain registration, the next step is to get your hosting. Hosting is like your stand on the internet; this is where you will build your online presence; your domain (address) points to it and helps people to find it. Once you have all of that in place we can start building your website and then publish it on your hosting. To get started, click these links:

Click here to search for your domain name.

Click here to choose your hosting package.

Click here to let us design your website.

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Are you relevant online? You know Google, but does Google know you? Is your website geared and optimized to really bring in more customers? Is your business brand portraying you and your product effectively? Hosting101 can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

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