What is Spam and Hot to Prevent itSPAM is an unfortunate problem that causes havoc when your livelihood depends on using the internet and sending and receiving emails.

In this blog we are investigating

  • What is SPAM
  • What happens when you have SPAM
  • How to Prevent it


What is SPAM?

Undeliverable emails, blocked email addresses and suspended services can all be due to spam, but what is spam and why does it affect me?

It is usually some kind of junk mail sent from an email address in bulk. We have all received an email from an “attorney” who is trying to track down a distant relative of some rich person who had passed away, leaving millions to an unknown heir or received unsolicited mails about wonderful special offers not to be missed. These are prime examples that are landing in our inbox.

Another kind of attack involves somebody hacking into your email address or website and sending hundreds of mails.

How does SPAM affect me?

If your hosting company detects it or get complaints, chances are that your services will end up being suspended before the problem becomes too widespread or you can be the innocent party affected by this problem if you have shared hosting. Shared hosting basically involves different account holders sharing the same IP address and when another user sends out onsolicited emails, it could result in the IP address being blacklisted. This ripple effect results in everybody using that IP address suffering the same consequences as the guilty party.

How can you prevent SPAM?

  • Use secure passwords and complicated usernames as well and reset them frequently.
  • Update your website regularly to secure it from hackers.
  • Use reputable internet security software and spam filters and do all the updates.
  • If you send out newsletters or mass emails use Mailchimp.
  • Don’t open suspicious looking emails. Always pre-view mails before opening them.
  • Safeguard your email address and don’t use it when signing up for newsletters or when doing website enquiries. It is advisable to get a different email address for such purposes.

If you do detect any abnormal activity from your email address or website, contact your service provider to assist you to get your service back to normal.


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