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Consistency in digital marketing

The most important part of any Digital Marketing campaign is consistency. Halting your digital marketing campaigns after only a month or two because you have had little or no results, is an alarming trend with companies starting out in this treacherous field. People are inconsistent for various reasons.  They might not have the time or resources >>> Read More

“How can I improve my Google listing myself?”  That is one of the questions we, and many other SEO companies, are often asked, and with good reason.  People often pay large sums of money for their websites, expecting to feature on Google soon afterwards.  But when the customers don’t come knocking at their door immediately >>> Read More

Here at Hosting101, we are often asked why people can’t search engine optimize (SEO) their own websites.  How hard can it be?  To put that into context, according to statistics 60% of the world’s population don’t know enough about cars to be able to change a flat tyre, yet that isn’t very complicated, is it?  >>> Read More

Domain Name SEO

One of the questions our customers often ask us is, “What domain name should I register to feature on Google?”  Unfortunately, the answer can be rather complex.  For a few years Google’s algorithm assigned good SEO value to a site with a keyword rich domain name.  However, as usually happens, people then started abusing the >>> Read More

Marketing has changed significantly since the inception of the worldwide web. Your grandfather had a very different approach to marketing than you would have today. Digital Marketing provides many appealing ways to reach potential and existing customers and many people seem to think that Marketing is on its last legs. How do these approaches differ >>> Read More

We are often asked questions about SEO and what exactly we do. Here are some of the most common questions, and our answers to them: What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It starts off with an evaluation of your website based on how users will experience it and how the major search >>> Read More

Content marketing is here to stay and is one of the best platforms for promoting businesses today. This type of marketing involves various SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Web Performance Optimization aspects such as structure of the website, keyword research, link building and meta-tags. All these aspects are specially geared towards enhancing website traffic and >>> Read More

Last week, MyBroadband ran an article about how some of the Telecoms companies’ websites looked back in the 90’s. It’s a very interesting article, and it really shows how far Web technology has come since then! (You can view the article here.) But that got us wondering; how well would these Telecoms giants’ current websites >>> Read More

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