Why Should I use anEmail marketing Service for Email CampaignsHow do I conduct Email Marketing Campaigns or send newsletters without being accused of SPAM?

In this blog we are looking at the best way to do email campaigns or send out newsletters by looking at

  • SPAM
  • The Wrong Way to Conduct an Email Campaign
  • The Right Way to Conduct an Email Campaign
  • Advantages of using an Email Service


Email campaigns are making a comeback and newsletters are useful in communicating with clients, but sending out emails in bulk can result in your website being flagged for SPAM as discussed last week in our blog “What is SPAM and how to prevent it

Conducting Email Campaigns the right way, can enhance the result with more people actually seeing the campaign rather than regarding it as trash.

What is the wrong way to conduct an Email Campaign?

This involves sending the same email to hundreds of different recipients. SPAM filters on servers will notice and then block the mail address. Your hosting company will be notified and you will run the risk of your website being suspended.

The Right Way to Conduct an Email Campaign

By making use of Sendit or Mailchimp you can send out all those marketing emails of newsletters without the risk of being labelled as SPAM.

These automated Email marketing services provide the ideal tools to make Email marketing campaigns easy and successful.

Using Mailchimp or Sendit reduces the risk of your IP Address being blocked or your website being suspended, but it also gives you more insight into your customers.

Advantages of using an Email Service

You can see who regarded your campaign as SPAM, gather statistics by looking at the click through rate and you will be able to see who read the mails and who didn’t even open them. Unlike when you are sending bulk mails from your email account, an Email Service offers and Unsubscribe function to recipients.

All this information provides insight about your customer-base, most popular products or services and other useful information.

Signing up for an Email Service when doing bulk marketing the best way not to compromise the integrity of your email account and website by not running the risk of being accused of SPAM.


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