By Liezè Groenewald

Although Pinterest doesn’t seem to come to mind when thinking of marketing tools for business, it represents a huge market and many businesses have experienced wonderful growth using Pinterest, but how is it done.

In my previous blog Why should you use Pinterest for business I featured three examples of how Pinterest was working for businesses:

Etsy: An enterprise that has taken to Pinterest like a duck to water is e-commerce store Etsy. It is one of the greatest success stories of this platform. As early as 2012, Etsy already had almost 90 000 followers, 1 609 re-pins and 30 boards. Their success can be attributed to more than just offering goods for sale. Their outstanding effort on Pinterest includes valuable information, tutorials and interaction with their followers.

The Today Show: The popular US television show, The Today Show, is another success story that uses this platform to the maximum advantage. They use the platform to connect with their viewers, by posting recipes and behind-the-scenes photos.

Christine Martinez: Unlike Etsy or The Today Show, Christine Martinez is an individual who has used Pinterest to build her own brand and career. In 2012 the stylist was the third most followed Pinterest user with 984 088 users following her and by achieving 6 262 pins over 44 boards.[1]

But how could your business use Pinterest to tap into a whole new, exciting market?

Mo Elnadi, a digital marketing strategist recommends using Pinterest if your goal is to generate leads and want potential customers to visit your website.

Elnadi believes the visual quality of Pins is very important.

“You must have high quality product shots to attract and retain the right audience and share valuable tips,” he emphasises.

  • Elnadi has the following tips for businesses who use Instagram:
  • Use high quality images because people will be more likely to respond to them and share your Pins.
  • You must be consequent and post regularly at least one or two times per day.
  • Use comments and crosslinks to make people more aware of your brand and products
  • Feature a distinct link back to your website to encourage people to visit your website
  • Connect with your top fans as well as industry influencers to grow your network and generate more traffic to your Pinterest account and ultimately your website.
  • Feature your products in the images and highlight how they can be used.[2]

Leo Widrich, co-founder of Buffer, developer of a scheduling tool for social media, has recommendations on how to use your Pinterest account optimally:

  1. Schedule pins to post throughout the day. You can schedule hourly, daily and weekly and from the web or Pinterest itself. He recommends scheduling al your social media posts from one dashboard. Widrich says it is unlikely that you will overwhelm followers by posting too many Pins.
  2. Share different topics on different days. Widrich shares Pinterest’s own findings to show that people tend to look for certain things regularly:
  • Monday: Good intentions spark interest in fitness and health
  • Tuesday: Gadgets and technology tend to be all the rage
  • Wednesday: When people look for a little something to get through the week, like inspirational quotes
  • Thursday: Fashion, fashion, and more fashion
  • Friday: Funny GIFs bring comic relief to the end of the week
  • Saturday: Vacations and travel are top of mind
  • Sunday: Food and craft ideas
  1. Be consistent with sharing to build up loyal and regular followers.[3]

Debbie Hemley from the Social Media Examiner also emphasises engaging with other businesses and your followers. She has the following additional advice to offer:

  • Ad an On Hover Pin It button to your posts to make it easier to share.
  • Stay focused by sharing information of your business that will interest your target audience
  • Use Rich Pins to provide more information to your followers Pinterest’s Rich Pins provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin. There are four types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe and article.
  • Follow other businesses.
  • Engage your followers by responding to comments and questions.
  • Pay attention to the dimensions of images and establish which pins get the best reaction.
  • Create a group board and invite others to Pin on it.
  • Use easily understandable facts and infographics to inform customers.
  • Pin inspiring posts such as quotes, movies and books and Place Pins to enlighten people.
  • Optimise your Pins for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by titling boards with keywords and using an optimized company name.
  • Promote less followed boards.
  • Stay abreast of Pinterest for Business updates to keep your boards and Pins fresh and new
  • Use different seasonal boards.
  • Write a good business description.
  • Use Pinterest statistics and results to adjust your account and use it optimally and study who is following you and what they want.[4]

These helpful hints ant tips from the expert should help you to create an informative, visually stunning account that will attract customers, grow your business and lead to more profit in your pocket. Happy Pinning!


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