ExchangeExchange, one of Microsoft’s most efficient products, is a solution to manage email related problems which can result in losing business and clients.

In this blog we are looking at:

  • What is Microsoft Exchange?
  • Backup
  • Security
  • Shared Applications
  • Other

Many of us have suffered the consequences of losing emails with valuable information forever. Email is an important communication tool in the workplace and it also serves as a reference tool and history of our professional dealings with clients and suppliers.

Problems with our emails can cause havoc at work. Microsoft Exchange offers a solution to most of our email problems.

What is Microsoft Exchange?

This product is an email service that sends you emails to a centralised server and manages your emails. It takes the functionality of managing emails way from your hosting company. There are many advantages to using Microsoft Exchange:


Your emails are sent and backed up to a centralised server, so you will always be able to retrieve lost emails. The emails can also be delivered to more than one device and shared to more than one workstation. It gives you and your colleagues or employees, if you choose, easy access to emails. Conventional emails managed by one’s hosting company involves delivery and storage on one device and no backup.


This service is also very secure with layered SPAM filters and protection against viruses. It also allows the user to block or allow certain email addresses. This is especially reassuring when one sends confidential emails.

Shares Applications:

Microsoft Exchange enables subscribers to co-ordinate the workplace by providing applications such as shared calenders, shared contacts and shared task management to improve productivity and efficiency at the office.


Other useful features include:

  • The ability to set up an out-of-office reply
  • The deletion and replacing of unread messages
  • If combined with Office 365, employees can access their emails anywhere, anytime from any device.

Using Office Exchange offers a solution to many of the problems we experience with email to improve ability to do business and build relationships with clients.