Office vs Office 365

Office 365 is the latest buzz and trend in business, but what is wrong with good old trusty Office?

In this blog we’ll study the differences between an Office 365 subscription and Office by looking at:

  • Devices
  • Applications and Updates
  • Online Storage
  • Payment methods
  • Technical Support

Cloud Solutions have become the path into the future and Microsoft’s latest product range is no exception. Office 365 is an online based solution, but some people are still hesitant to move away from the conventional Office range.

Comparing the products, one can easily recognise which is best:


One Office 365 subscription offers the user of installing the programme on multiple devices such as phones, PCs, laptops and tablets, which makes it a cost effective and mobile solution.

When buying the conventional Office version, the programme is bought for a single Mac or PC and if you have more than one device, you must buy an Office package for every device or PC.

Applications and Updates

Office 365 comes with fully installed up to date apps and frequent updates and regular new features, so that its subscribers always have the latest technology at their fingertips. Office on the other hand, is a once-off deal, with no updates. When you want an updated version, you’ll have to purchase a newer version of Office.

Online Storage

One of the features of Office 365 is online storage that can be used to preserve precious memories like photographs or office documents. Office doesn’t offer this important feature at all.

Payment methods

Office 365 subscriptions are offered with two different payment options. You can either pay monthly or annually. Office must always be paid upfront.

Technical Support

While Office offers initial technical support to assist with installation, Office 365 comes with continued online technical, billing and subscription support for its subscribers.


Now that you know the difference, isn’t it about time to upgrade to the better online solution? Contact Hosting101 at for more information.