Website ConversionOne of the biggest focus points for people with a newly developed website is getting traffic to the site.  People believe that if they can just get visitors to their website, those visitors will automatically become customers.

Unfortunately, very often this simply isn’t true.  We have seen people get thousands of visitors to their website through a variety of marketing tactics and strategies, including SEO, Google AdWords, social media and email campaigns, while hardly selling any products or getting any benefit from their efforts.

When people search for your product or service on a search engine like Google, many of them tend to open the first few search results in separate browser tabs.  They will then go through these websites and find the one that seems to suit them best.

This means that you need to pay attention to the following regarding the design and content of your website:

Site Speed

In the age of fast food, fast cars and fast living, fast information has also become popular.  People don’t want to wait for the information that they are looking for.  If your website takes too long to load, the visitor will simply close the tab and move on to the next one, taking their business to your competition.

Important, catchy info should be “above the fold”

Your visitors should see that they are in the right place, with the right information, the moment they open your site.  This usually means using striking banners with enticing descriptions, placed in the upper two-thirds of the page (“above the fold”).  It’s been found that most South Africans only take the time to read to the bottom of a page or scroll down if they already know that there’s a good chance that they will find what they are looking for on this page.

Contact details should be clearly present

Very few people want to take the time to navigate to your “Contact Us” page.  You should clearly display your telephone number and email address, preferably in a large font, above the fold.

Use a call to action

Have a message that inspires action.  It could be “Shop now,” or “Get a quote today,” or even “Sign up for our Newsletter”.  Depending on what you want customers to do, you should inspire them to take that action and make it easy for them to do so.

You can also use some psychology in the process.  Studies have found that using subliminal imaging could cause a significant improvement in the number of conversions recorded on a website.  For example, on a website selling a weight loss product, placing a banner with an image of a smiling, happy woman staring in the direction of the call to action improved the number of conversions by more than 60% over the previous banner showing healthy food.

Offer something for free

Giving your visitors something free just because they visited the site is a great way to create a good impression.  It could also establish you as an expert in your field if the freebie is something like an e-book or a free webinar, if the freebie has true value and isn’t just an effort to get the visitors to buy your product.

But more than all of this, the freebie gives you the opportunity to get your visitors’ details so you can keep on marketing to them.  Get them to sign up for a newsletter in order to get the freebie and suddenly you have their contact details in your database, so you can keep on contacting them, reminding them of your product.

Final Thoughts

Though this list is far from complete, it is a good starting point for anyone who wants to get more customers from their website.  It will take some effort, time and creativity, perhaps even some money, but the rewards can be even greater.