By Liezè Groenewald

In this blog we will explore using Pinterest for business by looking at

  • Why businesses should use it
  • Success Stories
  • Conclusion

By now most of us have pinned elaborate collections of fantasy parties and dreamy recipes on our virtual notice boards on Pinterest. However, using Pinterest for business has never crossed my mind.

How could a writer or a hosting and digital marketing enterprise such as Hosting101 benefit from using Pinterest? I must admit, Pinterest has been my main source of inspiration for birthday parties, including a killer Star Wars party featuring pool noodle light sabres, marshmallow clone trooper cupcakes and a fun photo-booth – ideas I never would have come up with on my own. But Pinterest for business?

Why should businesses use Pinterest?

I started digging for information on Pinterest for Business and one of the first blogs I encountered, was written by award-winning author and digital marketing strategist, Rebekah Radice. She verbalised the doubts I was grappling with and pointed out that they were misconceptions, namely that:

  • Only women use Pinterest,
  • People only pin recipes and wedding ideas
  • Businesses’ target audiences aren’t on Pinterest.

Radice points out the following to businesses:

Pinterest content has a longer shelf-life than Facebook or Twitter content and can pop up months after you have pinned a post. In 2014 the average Pinner spent at least 14 minutes on Pinterest and it grew by 97 percent in that year.

“Why add Pinterest to your marketing mix? Because you can’t afford not to! Pinterest will introduce your business & blog to a whole new audience. Envision this scenario: Someone pins your latest blog post to his or her Pinterest profile. Then 10 additional people re-pin that content & another 10 re-pin that same post,” she explains, also pointing out that your content is out there indefinitely and can be shared many times. ([1])

Pinterest Business provides the following reasons for businesses to start using Boards and Pins to take their business to the next level:

  • Some 70% of people who search for something on Pinterest make a Pin.
  • People use Pinterest to plan a venture, activity or event, so businesses can achieve great results by using this feature to their advantage
  • Pinterest can also help with market research because it reflects what people want.
  • Pinterest Business advocates the use of the platform to build brands and boost sales with some businesses recording 5 times better results with Pinterest than advertisements on other platforms.
  • Some 10 billion Pinterest recommendations are served every day, with 93% users planning to buy something and a whopping 72% of users attributing Pinterest as serving as an introduction to new brands and services.
  • Studies show that 87% of Pinners bought something because of Pins they had seen on the platform. ([2])

In a blog for Hubspot, Jessica Meher points out the following reasons to use Pinterest for Business:

  • Pinterest converts users into buyers and it does it faster than other Social Media platforms.
  • Pinterest’s traffic drive is very high – blogger Kate Bryan managed a lifestyle blog about hairstyling, jewellery making and crafting, without attracting many readers. She started pinning her work on Pinterest and in a mere 5 months she boasted 14 000 new subscribers and more than 1 million views on Pinterest.
  • Pins get you more inbound links and drive traffic to your website
  • Active user engagement is very high
  • Pinterest seamlessly connects to your website, Facebook profile and Twitter account.
  • It helps you discover trends and ultimately what consumers want. ([3])

Pinterest Success Stories:

Etsy: An enterprise that has taken to Pinterest like a duck to water is e-commerce store Etsy. It is one of the greatest success stories of this platform. As early as 2012, Etsy already had almost 90 000 followers, 1 609 re-pins and 30 boards. Their success can be attributed to more than just offering goods for sale. Their outstanding effort on Pinterest includes valuable information, tutorials and interaction with their followers.

The Today Show: The popular US television show, The Today Show, is another success story that uses this platform to the maximum advantage. They use the platform to connect with their viewers, by posting recipes and behind-the-scenes photos.

Christine Martinez: Unlike Etsy or The Today Show, Christine Martinez is an individual who has used Pinterest to build her own brand and career. In 2012 the stylist was the third most followed Pinterest user with 984 088 users following her and by achieving 6 262 pins over 44 boards. ([4])


After reading what marketing experts had to say about Pinterest and reviewing statistics, it seems that the question isn’t “why you should use Pinterest for business” but ‘why isn’t your business on Pinterest”?

It’s seems just like Pinterest is doing wonders for my party planning skills, it can take your business to the next level, so start Pinning!