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Website Performance

If you’re struggling to draw new visitors to your website, then our Web Performance Optimization packages are just what you need.

Web Audit Reports

Comprehensive Website & SEO performance audits.

On-Page Optimization

R1,200 p.m.

Optimization of your website’s pages and server.

Off-Page Optimization

R1,200 p.m.

Optimization of your website’s visibility and ranking.

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Content Writing

From R380 per page

Creating & optimizing original content for your website.
Our WPO packages are customized so that you can choose your own monthly package according to your budget.
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Why is Web Optimization important?

Most web designers aren’t marketers. They know how to build an impressive website, but unfortunately the big search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing don’t care much about how impressive your website looks. They look at statistics and code. So in the end, though the code in your website makes it easy to use and very impressive, it does nothing to optimize your site for search engines.Search Engines are what you need to bring more people to your site organically, without paying to get them there.

So what about Pay-per-Click Ads?

They are also a very important part of your online marketing strategy; we can help you to set up a profitable campaign with that as well. But statistically, if you have an SEO optimized website, about 80% of your website’s visitors will arrive through organic search (without costing you anything per click) and about 20% through paid ads.You can read more about this in our Blog post about search engine optimization and pay-per-click ads.

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