By Lieze Groenewald This blog addresses the advantages of an Instagram for businesses Experts weigh in on advantages Why consumers find it appealing Conclusion Instagram for business? Is that really a thing? But why and how can it be beneficial to businesses? That was my first thought when I started toying with the idea of >>> Read More

Here at Hosting101, we are often asked why people can’t search engine optimize (SEO) their own websites.  How hard can it be?  To put that into context, according to statistics 60% of the world’s population don’t know enough about cars to be able to change a flat tyre, yet that isn’t very complicated, is it?  >>> Read More

LinkedIn for Business

Why is it important for your business to have a LinkedIn profile? In this blog we explore reasons such as: Cost, Reach, Approach, Visibility, Recruitment Do’s and Don’ts Success stories More than 65 million people are currently on LinkedIn, with someone creating a login every second, but apart from becoming part of another huge social >>> Read More

Website Conversion

One of the biggest focus points for people with a newly developed website is getting traffic to the site.  People believe that if they can just get visitors to their website, those visitors will automatically become customers. Unfortunately, very often this simply isn’t true.  We have seen people get thousands of visitors to their website >>> Read More

google plus for business

In June 2011, Google joined the thousands of people trying to develop “the next Facebook” when they launched Google+.  Due to the social media explosion at the time, many people had high expectations for a social media platform created and operated by the mighty Google. However, a few months into the experiment it became apparent >>> Read More

Domain Name SEO

One of the questions our customers often ask us is, “What domain name should I register to feature on Google?”  Unfortunately, the answer can be rather complex.  For a few years Google’s algorithm assigned good SEO value to a site with a keyword rich domain name.  However, as usually happens, people then started abusing the >>> Read More

Mobile Friendly Website

It is doubtful that any type of technology has ever changed as rapidly as the world wide web.  In the space of less than three decades the web as we know it has changed in leaps and bounds, from the static “First Website” to today’s interactive powersites like  With all these changes, the way >>> Read More

Why Use Facebook for Business

This blog will examine why your business should definitely use Facebook for marketing purposes: Some of the key points we will examine are: Reach Effectiveness through case studies Facebook for small businesses Is it worth going through the effort of creating a Facebook page and posting regular updates about your business? After all it is >>> Read More

Secure a WordPress website

With the recent hacking of South African websites many of the web sites hosted on our servers were hit by malicious scripts.  These scripts are developed by hackers to automatically distribute themselves to websites built on a specific platform, such as Joomla or WordPress, exploiting vulnerabilities in the websites’ code.  But it is fairly easy >>> Read More

Data backup is something that almost everyone swears by, yet very few people really do.  External hard drives seem to be the go-to backup solution for most home-based business owners, while as little as 10 years ago, it was mainly done on recordable DVD’s.  The uncomfortable truth is that any optical media, like DVD’s, can >>> Read More

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