Very few business owners do a regular website SEO audit, and that’s because they don’t understand the importance of such an audit. But the information you can gain from a proper SEO audit is extremely valuable and can tell you if your web developer or SEO specialist is doing a good job.
What is a Website SEO Audit?

A website SEO audit performs a full analysis of your website’s code and structure by crawling it in a way that’s very similar to the way search eninges, like Google and Bing, crawl your website. In this way they can determine how a search engine will see your website and index it, thereby identifying weak and strong points that you can tweak as necessary to improve your SEO.

Some of the common factors checked by a website SEO audit are:

Site speed
Responsiveness (or “mobile friendliness”)
Value of content and keywords
Site rank
Meta tags and various other key components that search engines might use to rank or index your website

Do you need a website SEO audit?

Well, as a business owner or web developer, ask yourself these questions:

How many backlinks do I have that add value to my website’s page rank?
Are there any broken links on my website that lead to 404 errors?
Is my website loading fast enough, even on slower internet connections?
Is my site layout and structure effective, allowing visitors to quickly and easily find what they are looking for?
Does my site have the right meta descriptions and page titles, encouraging people to click on my link in search results?
Are my website pages keyword optimized for optimal indexing?
Am I registered on all required, useful and relevant searcg angine consoles and pages?

If your answer to any of these questions were “No” or “I’m not sure”, you really need a website SEO audit. A proper audit will answer all these questions and more.
Where can I get such an audit?

The problem is that asking your web developer or SEO specialist to run such an audit might give you incorrect results, based on their personal view, so as not to put them in a bad light. Another problem with many website SEO audit tools is that they give inaccurate or garbled results.

But today is your lucky day! You can now run a free website SEO audit that gives you all the correct information. It is fully automated, so your results will be unaffected by personal opinions or ideas, with only the raw statistics.