Office 365, Microsoft’s answer to doing business effectively and productively, can benefit your business and grow as your enterprise grows.

Ins this blog, the first in a series about Office 365, we’ll discover:

What is Office 365
Benefits of Office 365

Business has changed from the days when your dad used to put on his suit and tie and go to the office and work at his desk all day. Apart from ditching the suit and tie, the way we do business has evolved from typewriters and paper files to virtual filing cabinets and offices. Today your office can be anywhere with wi-fi, a charging station and hopefully a decent cup of coffee. Microsoft has been instrumental in making businesses mobile.

What is Office 365?

It is a subscription services that provides access to office applications and productivity services via the Internet (The Cloud). Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, One Note and Access are included in the service.

Benefits of Office 365


This subscription package offer businesses the luxury to work anywhere from any device. Entrepreneur Sandy, who is also a mom, can take her son to soccer practice and still have access to her emails and office documents on her phone or tablet or laptop while sitting beside the soccer field.


You can buy as few or many licenses that you need and when your business expands, you can just add more licenses and services. There are also different packages catering for a variety of businesses from the more basic package to premium packages.


Office 365 is based in the cloud, therefore there are no servers to maintain. The service also includes automatic upgrades.


Microsoft has built in various data security layers to keep their clients’ information safe and secure, giving them peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.


It has proved to be a reputable, reliable and stable solution for business. Online support is available if you need help and the service has been designed to integrate easily with Microsoft Software packages you are already using.

Office 365 has been designed for work and play in the 21st century and modern businesses can only benefit from investing in an Office 365 subscription.
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