The question many pose to themselves is whether their website hosting company is really actively making their website the potential great marketing tool it can be. Marketing your business online, or as it is more commonly known, ‘Digital marketing’ is an absolute must and as someone just setting up a new website and deciding on a host, or someone with a website that may be thinking it’s time to change – here are a handful of hosting ‘have to haves’ that every good hosting or Digital marketing company should be providing for you.

Visibility – The internet is a maze and your website just ‘needle in a haystack’, but as I once heard someone say – “you can find a needle in a haystack – if it pricks you!” Is your SEO good enough to give you real visibility on the internet? Ensure that you have a reputable hosting company that can work out a great SEO strategy.

A voice – Your website is the front face of your business, but even if your hosting company have assisted you with a great design (another nice to have!) what good is it without a mouth? Get your brand talking with regular blogs and social media postings so that you can engage with potential new clients. Give them the useful information they need and educate them about your business… then you become a ‘thought leader’, not just a mute face. Your web hosting company can ensure your site and brand are always working for you.

Speed and a good UX – The faster your website loads, without buffering or lagging and the better the user experience (UX) for you and your visitors, the longer visitors stay on your site. Expert web host specialists have the right tools to ensure your client’s hook up and surfing experience already makes them feel good about you!

Peace of mind – It is absolutely essential that your business has good online security and of course data backup is something that is an absolute ‘have to have!’ Good web hosting businesses provide and advise on all the necessary security add-ons and cloud solutions for your office software and backups.

Good service – The final finger on this handful – or should we say the one that really gives your SEO Company the ‘Thumbs up’ is great service when you need it. If you are having issues and your hosting company are not available to help, you may have backed the wrong horse!

To ensure you choose the web hosting company that has a great track record and shows a full handful of hosting ‘have to haves,’ you need look no further than Hosting 101. We offer great performance and usability, S.E.O that makes you visible, great Digital marketing strategies, peace of mind and dedicated service to all our clients. Contact us to learn more and experience our hosting expertise.